Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Let The Mind Of Christ Dwell Within You.

Child of GOD
My prayer for you today is that you let the mind of Christ Jesus dwell in you richly, follow after whatever is true, whatever is kind, what is loving, whatever is righteous, whatever is virtuous. Live Holy and pure with a good heart, be sincere in all you say and do, for this is the way that lead to eternal life. Remember the world is watching you. But the Holy Spirit is with you and within you helping you make right decisions as you go. Thank you FATHER for your Holy Spirit who helps us, In Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

You Are Covered By The Holy Spirit

Sons And Daughters of GOD
My prayer for you today
Is that The FATHER ABOVE gives you spiritual vision, strengthen  and give you power to overcome every obstacle of satan, I pray HE shields you from every  demon and human agent of the enemy. Blessings, Mercy, Grace,  Favor, the Peace of GOD, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit be with you today in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen. Now go in peace  believing you are covered by the Powers of GOD'S KINGDOM.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Think Positive, Let God Lead And Guide You.

Child of GOD
My prayer for you today is that Our FATHER ABOVE fills your heart with divine love, flood your soul with spiritual blessings from the heavenly kingdom above, give you wisdom and understanding and guidance for the task you have today. May your mind be filled with words of life, let joy and peace fill your soul, think positive and speak life to those you meet, smile and let the light within you shine forth. Remember nothing can happen to you today that GOD can't handle through you. Have an awesome day, and Give GOD thanks, In Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Child of GOD
My prayer for you today is that the FATHER in Heaven Above open your eyes to see clearly the powerful blessings and Spiritual Awakening you will receive when you go into GOD'S PRESENCE and EXALT HIM. Worship GOD ALMIGHTY and PRAISE HIM, HIS GLORIOUS Power and ANOINTING will fill your heart and soul, it will cover your LIFE, When HE becomes your total focus. FATHER I thank YOU for your Powerful COVERING over the life of every believer who EXALT and PRAISE YOU. FATHER let them Experience YOUR PRESENCE, and know YOU Are Real, in Jesus Christ mighty name. AMEN.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

God Will Protect You And Keep You Safe.

Child of GOD
My prayer for you today is that the FATHER ABOVE strengthens your heart, increase your wisdom, knowledge and understanding of HIM. Heals you from all sickness and disease, free you from all bondage, and attack of satan, dark forces, devils, human agents of satan's  fighting against you, demonic powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places. I pray the LOVE of GOD fills you afresh, gladness and jubilation of your eternal salvation ignites renewed life and inspires you to keep Trusting and believing GOD for your complete deliverance and victory.  I pray The Holy Spirit, The Blood of Jesus Christ, and Sound Doctrine of Scripture guide and protection your life and your family, In Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen. Now go knowing IT IS WELL WITH YOUR SOUL, AND THE GLORY OF GOD REST UPON YOU.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Let God Free You From Worry.

Child of GOD
My prayer for you today is that Our FATHER ABOVE searches your heart, remove all anger, bitterness, sadness, worry, sorrow, heartache, disappointment, discouragement, and any other emotional feeling that has your mind. I pray GOD sends HIS anointing breaking every stronghold in your mind, you are free now in Jesus Christ mighty name, FATHER LET love, joy, laughter, happiness, encouragement, words that brighten your way, life fulfilling events that sparks your soul and mind with renewed strength, A Spiritual awakening that will completely heal you of whatever have you down. Be uplifted now In Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen. Know that GOD LOVES you, and you are important to HIM. Amen.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Life Is A Journey, Holy Spirit Guide Me.

Child of GOD
Life is a journey, on the road you travel are things that will happen to make you stronger. People, demons, devils, evil spirits wickness in high places will you experience, and over come. There will be hurt, sickness, sadness, pain, trouble, problems, suffering, worry, at the end physical death. GOD knew when HE created you what you would face, go through along the journey. HE sent you a helper, The HOLY SPIRIT to strengthen you along the way, He have everything you need. Know you are not alone. All of your help comes From GOD ALMIGHTY. HE'S with you every step of the way. You can lean on, and depend on HIM. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. FATHER I THANK YOU LORD for the Holy Spirit leading, guiding, and strengthening your child daily, in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen. THE HOLY SPIRIT is with you, Peace and Safety are YOURS TODAY, IN JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY NAME. AMEN.