Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Chains Are Broken, I Am Set Free In Jesus Christ Mighty Name.

Child of GOD
My prayer for you today,
I give thanks to the Savior, Jesus Christ our ANOINTED MESSIAH just to be alive to praise, glorify, and worship HIM one more time, I ask HIM to break, uproot, drive out, cast forth, and destory every spirit of bondage, spirit of intimidation, spirit of fear, spirit of depression, spirit oppression,  and the spirit procrastination that's holding you back from your purpose, I command every demonic spirit that have attached itself to you to loose you now, in the Name of Jesus Christ the ANOINTED MESSIAH, be set free in Jesus Christ mighty name. I pray for your liberty, freedom, I release the spirit power, love and a sound mind into your soul now in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen. Now thank HIM for your liberty, and go in peace. Amen.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Healing Is The Divine Will Of God For You.

 Child of GOD
My prayer for you today, I give the FATHER above thanks for what HE is doing this very moment for you, I ask the FATHER to touch your physical body now, I ask HIM for your healing, because with the strips of Jesus Christ you were healed, i ask the FATHER to forgive you of every sin that hinders your healing, I pray that every sickness, disease, and pain be healed,  FATHER let YOUR ANOINTING of the Holy Spirit, DIVINE HEALING POWER and Deliverance from demonic attack of satan and spiritual wickedness manifest in the mind and body of your child now, I speak healing to flow upon you now, comfort and relief from every sickness in your body is flowing upon you, be healed in the name of Jesus Christ the ANOINTED MESSIAH. Amen. just continue to believe you are healed, and it will happen for you. Amen