Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our thoughts and our words are very powerful, they release unto us what we speak.  The health, life style, blessings and curses, is the results of what we have said and done over our life time. When we look around us and see our lives, it makes us think about the things we have spoken. Many of us still speak things of the past right now in the present, and expect real change to come.  I believe that God has placed greatness in each of us, and as we seek his face in worship, prayer and fellowship, listen to his voice, read his word, and speak what he tells us, true miracles will begin to manifest in our lives. We have our focus on what we want, what we desire, our goals, and our dreams many of which may not even be his will or purpose for us. So let us live by, and follow the Holy Spirit within us, He knows, and will show us the way to all that God truly has for us. Love and Peace.