Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let US Pray.

Let's Pray Together,
Father, we come to give you honor, praise and glory today. You are worthy to receive blessings and adoration for you are our creator and most holy God in heaven above and our light of life in the earth below. Loving and merciful Father, We thank you for giving us another day in the land of the living here on earth. We seek your perfect will for us, give food for our hungry soul, and wash every sin and transgression from our heart, soul and mind right now we ask it. Heal all sickness among us and deliver us from every trap of the devil, and all forces of evil working against us. Cover us with your continued love, grace and mercy, give us favor as we go about your business today Lord God our divine giver of all that is good and righteous. We bless and thank you, for you deserve all honor and glory in heaven above and on earth below. we ask it all in the mighty name of Elohim, Our Lord God Almighty In the heavens above.. Amen.