Sunday, December 7, 2014

I Am What I Believe and Say I Am.

I Am Love, I Am Joy, I Am Pure, I Am Happy, I Am Inspired, I Am Confident, I Am saved, I Am Beautiful, I Am Strong, I Am Powerful, I Am Wonderfully Made, I Am The Image and Likeness of God, I Am Intelligent, I Am Successful, I Am the Best, I Am Getting Better and Better, I Am a Winner, I Am a Child of God, I Am Thankful, I Am Grateful, I Am Anointed, I Am a Master Teacher,  I Am a Strong leader, I Am Inspired, I Am Filled with Love, I Am Happy, I Am Filled with Peace, I Am Laughter, I Am Encouraged, I Am Uplifted, I Am Empowered, I Am Wealthy, I Am Healthy, I Am That I Am, I Am Sound In Mind and Soul, I Am Good, I Am Kind, I Am Compassionate, I Am All That God Says I Am. Whatever you place behind I Am, and believe you will become.