Saturday, November 21, 2015

God Is Doing A New Work In You.

Child of God
I ask FATHER to begin a new thing on you, a new work, I pray HE gives you fresh Manna from heaven, an Increased Anointing  and Power for HIS GLORY, New Revaluations and Spiritual Awakening. I pray the Holy Spirit will touch, touch, touch you now, I feel A Fresh Anointing Flowing, Raining and Falling upon you now, yokes of bondage, defeat, worry, chains of doubt, confusion and disappointments of the enemy that have been blocking your spiritual vision are broken off of you now, New Doors are opening for you, In Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen. Give God the praise, your season have come. Begin anew today, right now. Go forth in  your calling walk through the doors of victory, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.