Monday, April 28, 2014

There Is Power In Prayer.

Let us Pray.
Father we bless and honor you this morning for you are Holy and deserve all glory, we give you thanks for your love, grace, mercy and divine favor showed to you. thank you Father for being our source,help, provider, and our strength. We ask that you fill us with joy, and laughter, We ask you to send the rains of abundance and supply every need we have, let healing bring comfort to our heart,soul,mind and body from every sickness, and feed us with the word of life. Father protect us for every evil, the price of the air and demon forces of darkness. forgive us of all wrong we have done and forgive those who have wronged us, We cast every care upon you, and take your yoke upon us as we travel this journey, give us your will and help us to fulfill it We pray. We thank you, and we give you all honor, glory and praise for it. in your Holy and righteous name we ask it. Amen.