Thursday, January 1, 2015

Prayer For God's Blessing Upon Your Life in 2015

Let the New Year of 2015 be just that, I ask you Lord God Jehovah, I Am, that I Am, to fill us with your power, presence, and glory of the Holy Spirit. Anoint us with love for you and your people, and renew our mind with fresh spiritual wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Jehovah take us higher in you this year, I ask Your continued mercy, grace, and divine favor over us and our family, give us love, peace , laughter, joy, hope and increase our faith in You in 2015. Let Your blessings overtake us Lord God Jehovah the great I Am, that I Am as we follow and obey You and do Your will. I ask Your healing, deliverance and victory over us now, and I stand in agreement that every good thing that You have promised us will come to past. I ask You Lord God Jehovah to send Angels to guard and protect us and our family this year. Beloved Lord God Jehovah I bless, worship, adore, exalt , glorify, praise and uplift You and Your Kingdom in Heaven above. I decree and declare that this pray spoken and done in Heaven above, and on Earth below this very moment in Jesus name. Amen.