Sunday, January 4, 2015


Who Can I Depend On In 2015?
I will look to the hills where all of my help comes from.
I will delight myself in the Word of God, and meditate on Him day and night.
I will cry unto the Lord my God with my voice, and the Lord God Jehovah will hear and answer me from His Holy hill.
The Lord God Almighty have Anointed me with fresh oil to serve and worship Him.
My voice shall Thou hear in the morning as i direct my prayer unto thee.
I will listen to the Word You speak to me, and follow You O Lord My God.
I will worship and praise You Lord God Almighty. I will give you thanks in all things, and bless Your Holy and Righteous Name.
I will depend on You Lord God Almighty Jehovah. You are the true and Living God.