Tuesday, May 19, 2015

God Healing Power Will transform Your Life.

My prayer for you today is that the Divine Amazing Anointed Power of the Holy Spirit of God flows into your soul and mind, that God's healing power begin to break every sickness within your soul, mind and body, that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse you, and wellness overtakes you from the crown of your head to the soul of your feet, with His strips you are healed. Let the blood of Jesus be applied against every demon of sickness and disease, I ask you Father to release wonder working power, show your merciful kindness and goodness. Lord God Almighty I know there is nothing to hard for you, and I believe that you have despatched the Archangel Raphael of healing and thousands of angels to help manifest healing in every person praying for their healing, Let them feel the Holy Spirit moving upon them now, let your Anointing flow upon your people now, In Jesus name. Father I give you thanks, praise, honor, and I worship and bless you alone for your blessings of healing and deliverance from every sickness and disease now and count it done. In Jesus name. Amen!