Monday, September 7, 2015

Blessed Are The People Who Meditates On God's Word.

Child of GOD
My prayer for you today is that you delight yourself in the WORD OF GOD, that you read it, meditate upon it night, and day. I pray as you do GOD illuminates your soul and mind,  I pray you begin to think about what GOD is saying to you from HIS WORD, because when you read the WORD OF GOD it is your spiritual food for growth, and development, I pray you apply it to your life, and as you do healing miracles, blessings,  joy and the peace of GOD fill your soul, let whatever you do prosper in Jesus Christ mighty name, May you become fruitful in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of GOD'S WORD. Let HIS GLORY, and ANOINTING POWER REST UPON YOU. I pray you become more and more rooted and grounded in your walk with God, and lost soul come to know Jesus Christ  though your shining light. In Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen.