Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Seek God For The Truth Of His Word.

Child of GOD
My prayer and heart's desire for you today is that THE FATHER above remove you FROM all spiritual confusion, trickery of satan, controling demonic powers, false doctrine, false teaching, false preaching, false prophets, dark wonders, and the witchcraft spells placed upon you by anyone or anything standing in the way of Biblical Truth from GOD'S WORD, and the work of MINISTRY GOD is manifesting to come froth from within you. I ask YOU FATHER to open your child's eyes, and ears to the TRUTH, release spiritual purity upon the hearers of YOUR WORD, that they hear, and know, and receive, and respond to the TRUTH form YOUR WORD. Let the secret mysteries of YOUR HEAVENLY KINGDOM be revealed unto them. FATHER  YOU said, THAT YOU would "Pour out YOUR SPIRIT upon all flesh in these last days, and our sons and daughters would prophesy." Let YOUR child call upon YOU for TRUTH and pure DOCTRINE of YOUR HOLY WORD.  I ask YOU to Bless YOUR child with Anointed Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding that they may minster with pure love and joy of the Holy Spirit, In Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen.