Saturday, June 13, 2015

God Have Not Forgotten About You.

 Child of God
Look to the hills from which comes all of your help. Call unto God, Wait patiently for Him. When you pray God hears you, and while you are still seeking Him, God answers you. Is there anything God can't do for you who faithful continue to serve and trust Him? Why are you troubled? why are you worried? why are you broken hearted? think about the goodness of God, and all He has already done for you. God is faithful concerning His promises to you, He will do just what He said. Be encouraged and know that God is already working it out for you, just continue to believe Him, don't doubt, listen to God's voice, and do what He says. It's already done for you . In Jesus mighty name. Amen. Give God thanks, bless Him and give Adoration and Glory unto His Holy name.