Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Prayer For Emotional Healing.

 Child of God
My prayer for you today is the you let the Holy Spirit minister to your soul, I pray  He heals you from every hurt in your heart, from every thought, every spoken word someone said to you that broke your heart, and soul, Let HIM heals you from every broken relationship that failed but you continue to carry the scar tissue in your heart. I pray  God's healing power be released in your family, marriage, friendship, and ministry. I ask YOU FATHER to send your Anointing that breaks every yoke of bondage, set this child free now in the name of Jesus. satan I bind every spirit and dark power of mental control of the mind you have placed on this soul, and break  the stronghold of the enemy in their mind. satan, set God's child free in the name of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is against you, Let every chain be broken off now and let liberty manifest by the mighty anointing power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.  FATHER I ask YOU to cover this child in the blood of Jesus, I ask YOU FATHER to fill your child with pure love, replace every pain, sorrow and hurt with joy, and laughter, FATHER let YOUR peace fill them and overflow from their heart in to their soul and mind in Jesus mighty name. Amen! Claim your healing, liberty, and be set free now in Jesus name. trust God, you are free in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. The drake powers are broken off of you. Amen!