Friday, July 10, 2015

Be Thankful For GOD HAS Already Done For You

Child of GOD
Give thanks TO GOD ABOVE for every blessing HE have given to you, THANK HIM for your salvation,  the promise of Eternal Life with HIM, HIS PRESENCE AND ANOINTING UPON your life, your mental, emotional, and physical wellness, your children being in good health, all of your family's needs are met, your home, the car you drive,  and a job, good food to eat, money to spend and pay your bills, a clean place to sleep, weather you are in good health or bad, GOD is still blessings you right now. Your problems or troubles will never be more than all of the good GOD has already done for you. Now look up to the hills of Glory Dominion and DIVINE POWER IN HEAVEN and tell GOD YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER thank YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, YOU HAVE BEEN SO GOOD TO ME. GOD deserves All Glory, All Honor, All Praise for everything thing HE have done for you. AMEN!