Saturday, July 11, 2015

Have Faith In GOD.

Child of God
The FATHER knows your heart, HE sees what's in your soul, He hears every thought  in your mind even before you express it in words. GOD said speak those things are that not as though they are.  "Jesus said, that All things are possible to him that believe." Child of GOD begin to speak what you desire of your HEAVENLY FATHER, what is it that you desire most?  Believe it is already done for you, ask for it in prayer, and speak from your mouth in faith without a single doubt. Then continue to trust GOD, and I declare and decree to you if it is the will of GOD for you it shall manifest. FATHER I ask YOU to increase the faith of YOUR sons, and daughters to believe YOU can do anything but fail or forsake them. Thank YOU FATHER for YOUR faithfulness to us,  I Praise YOU for all YOU have already done, and for what YOU are about to do in YOUR child's life, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!