Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Prayer For Healing And Salvation.

Child of GOD
My prayer for you today is that God touch your physical body, your soul. heal and deliver you from satanic attack by the enemy in your mind. I pray
 HE heals you from your spirit, soul,  mind, and  healing manifest in your body, FATHER thank you being our awesome saviour, our deliver and our healing, praise you for answering even before we ask YOU, I ask you FATHER to send ministering angels of healing, send the Anointing and break the hold of sickness and disease from your children, FATHER release healing power,  Anointing oil of the Holy Spirit and fire that heals, let healing power over take your children in need of a touch in their spirit, soul, mind and body from you right now,  YOU said is and sick among you, to lay hands upon them anoint them with oil and pray in faith, and the prayer of faith would heal sickness. FATHER in the name of Jesus I command pain, sickness and disease to let go of this child now, I call forth purity and cleaning power to flow from the crown of their head unto the soul of their feet. FATHER thank YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, for you healing and saving power, thank you for restoration and YOUR transformating love, I bless and worship YOU for answered prayer and declare and receive it done, in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!