Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Prayer For GOD To Help You Along This Journey.

 Child of GOD
"In the multitude of GOD'S thoughts within you, GOD'S comforts delight your soul"  when you call upon HIM with all your heart, soul and strength, "YAHWEH" the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will hear and answer you, The LORD is real, The LORD is your defense, HE is your very present help, talk with HIM, tell HIM what's on your mind, HE is waiting to hear what troubles and worries you, GOD will deliver you from satan, demonic forces, and enemy attacks. Give it all to HIM in faith, and ask of HIM and HE will deliver you, establish you, and give you rest. FATHER I thank you for everything you have already provided for me. Thank you for sending your Son Jesus for my salvation, and thank you for grace, and mercy. I praise you for what you are about to do for me. You  FATHER above are Holy, and Majestic, and Worthy of Honor, Glory, and all Praise, thank you for answering my prayer, and every blessings you provide for this day, I receive it now with a thankful heart, in Jesus name. AMEN.