Saturday, August 29, 2015

Give All Of Your Worries Yo Jesus, He Will Fix Them.

Child of God
Release the worry, hurt, sorrow, and pain within your heart. The FATHER knows it is to difficult for you to bare alone. Cast every burden upon HIM, take His Yoke upon you and let HIM restore your laughter, joy and PERFECT PEACE unto your soul. Rest in Jesus Christ and know that everything is working for your good. FATHER I thank YOU for being my LORD AND SAVIOUR, thank YOU that I can give all of my cares to YOU and know without a doubt YOU will fix it all for me. FATHER thank YOU for mercy and forgiveness, and bless YOUR HOLY NAME for deliverance from every attack of satan. I give you Honor and Praise and I worship YOU for answered prayer in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen. Now relax, stop worrying, enjoy your weekend, because by your faith it is already done for you. Amen.