Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let God Use You For His Glory.

Child of GOD
There are spiritual seeds, fruits of righteousness buried deep inside of you. GOD have planted them over the years within your spirit, soul and released them into your mind. As you continued to trust HIM, and call upon HIM to help you, your Faith have grown, and so have the fruits within you, More of HIS RIGHTEOUS Fruits, and Heavenly Kingdom, HIS Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding continued to manifest in your life. These seeds are the WORD of GOD sowed within your spirit, and have now grown into righteous fruits. GOD is manifesting the harvest, and you are HIS reapers being used for HIS GLORY, and Work of the Kingdom of Heaven, Now is the time to let GOD use you. I Thank You FATHER for planting seeds of righteousness within me. FATHER use me for your GLORY that the lost of this world will come to know you, and receive Jesus Christ as LORD of their lives. I praise and glorify YOUR HOLY NAME YAHWEH, In Jesus Christ mighty name I pray. Amen.