Monday, August 31, 2015

Stop Fighting God People Sent To Help You.

Child of God
Sometime we let things that are not even real issues control our minds, GOD sends you blessings, people to love you, to pray for you and  to help you, and you chase them away, fearing they will harm or hurt you, or take something from you? Not so says the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Solomon Said " it's the little foxes  that spoil the vine",  Our connection to GOD, Jesus Christ, and the HOLY SPIRIT is to enjoy our relationship with GOD and all HE has given of HIS good pleasure for  the work of HIS KINGDOM here in the earth.
In front of you a forest, God's Beautiful nature. GOD's glory and Majestic beauty that fills every mountain top, hill side, and valley, HIS PRESENCE flows through the FRESH Air you breathe, the pure Waters flow as streams and rivers of life all around you, cleansing you through and through, HIS glorious rays of sunshine lights and brightens your way, ignites renewed power, and strength within you for the journey ahead.  GOD gave you people, HIS chosen vessels to help you along the way, so STOP look around you and see the beautiful forest you have, why are you complaining, and finding fault? Let your heart rejoice at the very thought of God's blessings in your life. I Thank YOU FATHER for the Beautiful nature and people YOU have placed all around your child. Help them to give you praise for YOUR awesome display and beauty of nature  and help YOU have given them for your glory. In Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen.