Thursday, May 30, 2013


" 5 THINGS THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL IN A CHANGING WORLD" Living in today's world brings many challenges as well as changes, however there are ways you can live your live with power and effectiveness as you strive to be successful in your personal life, career, success, and goals on your way to the top. Here are 5 simple biblical truths that will make your way easier and your life more fulfilling as you seek and search for smooth paths to follow. 1. "Know Your Purpose For Living." Purpose is understand why you were created and what is God's will for your life. knowing your purpose will help you find the right career, and give you much joy as you set goals to accomplish dreams, plus you will be doing God's will. Seek God's to help you discover your created purpose. 2. "Make A Firm Commitment To Follow Your Purpose" Commitment is key to staying focus on your purpose, set short and long term goals, and follow through, once you reach a goal set a new one until you have reached it, and do it aging and again, keeping in mind God's will and desire and for your life.stay committed until you reach the desired success or dream in your heart, and start all over seeking God for guidance along your journey. 3. "Believe You Will Succeed" The word of God tells us with our faith it is impossible to please God, remember your created purpose and have faith that you can and will achieve your dream. It is your belief system that aids you to every victory, and your beliefs are define by what you focus your attention on, keep positive thoughts in your mind, and study your craft to give yourself the edge in your field, your power for believing in yourself comes from within you, it's your time spent in meditation. 4. "Plan Your journey" One key that will help you find your way is clear focus and planning, set down each night and plan your next day. write out your desires for the day, what you need to complete, what things are important and set them up by priority fist things first and follow through until completed. work with passion, but have a heart of compassion for your health, family, and community. Enjoy the process along the way. money is good to have, but you will need to be in good health with the love and support of those who care about and love you to enjoy it. 5. "Give" Be a give of your time talents and successes, help out local charities, people in your community, give to needed causes that you believe in, don't forget who helped you along the way, and take time to worship God, this is a way to give back up to 10% of what you have been blessed to receive. Give 10% to God , give 10% away, save 10% for yourself, and live on 70%, however you choose to give be a giver, and remember as you sow, so shall you receive. Applying these 5 Things for successful living to your way of life, and watch the results you receive. You live in a changing world and people are ever looking for ways to deal with the issues and problems they are faced with in this world everyday. God has given you a way to live successfully in this world. Follow His will and purpose for your life in everything you do, and trust Him to lead and guide you. Much success to you.