Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Excellence of Love.

From the Book Moving Mountains; Excellence of Love that can be found in every human heart. You are the love of God, created for and by Him alone, love Him first, and you will always know without a doubt you are the sincere love of God in truth and righteousness. God’s attitude toward the human race: love can only be known by the actions it prompts. God’s love is seen in the power of the Holy Spirit, in nature, and loves glory is reflected when we yield ourselves to the power of the Holy Spirit. He works through us; God’s plan of love for our lives. Love is directed towards people for you are the object of God’s love. Love commands, not condemns. Love seeks the highest good of others, with no thought or benefit to oneself. True love allows one to be free and become all God created them to be. Love is always giving, sharing, caring, and helping those in need. Unity in the church must be prompted by the genuine love of its people. Love leads us to walk in the way of God, observing to do and follow his will for our lives. Visit My link and get your copy of the book Moving Mountains, and read more on the Excellence of Love. Just Released My New Book. Moving Mountains. Available Online and In Book Stores,NOW ON SAVE ON AMAZON.COM