Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day.

Mothers are the heart and soul of our families, their work is never done. Always cleaning washing,cooking,serving, and watching after our sons and daughters. Mothers have a special power to hold the unity and love needed among all family members, she knows what to say to bring calm to every hurting heart. Her smile is everlasting and has a light that brighten every soul she touches, what would our world be like with out our mother's. Mothers are always there when you need them. No matter what the problem mom will never let her children down. I can recall waking up many mornings growing up at home to the smell of bacon, eggs,toast, hot coco, and hot coffee for breakfast. Knowing when it was time to get dress for school my clothes were iron, clean and fresh. I always had shoes to put on my feet. I would like to wish all mothers a very happy mother's day. You are a blessing to the world, I pray God will continue to pour out His grace and mercy upon your lives. We love you very much mom. You can get a copy of my book. Pastor Larry Spates, Moving Mountains. at the link below or at