Tuesday, May 7, 2013


In order to see results and the fruit of our christian walk, combining the christian emotional experience with our daily living with a balance of our faith is a must. This will help us deal with the challenges we face each and every day. Pneuma or God himself is the most powerful force in the earth and He is the creator of all man kind, no matter what our faith we must all seek his guidance from our heart if we truly want to have results from the issues we face daily. Trust in Him is where we must start. He will see us through whatever we are dealing with or must face in the run of our journey each day of the week. Moving the mountains in life the trouble,trail,sorrow,pain, and even the loss we suffer as a result of a love one passing away can only be healed by looking to God for strength in the time of need. With faith in God, we can and will walk in a life filled with victory and watch every mountain as it crash right before our very eyes,we can speak to issues in our life using prayer and applying the blood of our savior Jesus Christ and watch road blocks,hills of confusion, trouble on the job, lost of income, home, family, and even our wellness will all vanish while these mounting troubling are being moved out of our path. combining your christian emotional experiences and daily living will assist you with prayer and daily devotion and a study of God's word, you will come out as pure gold. make sure you order a copy of the book Moving Mountains. paste the link below into your browser and it will take you to the page to order this low cost very powerful life changing book. Just Released My New Book. Moving Mountains. Available Online and In Book Stores. http://www.amazon.com/Moving-Mountains-Pastor-Larry-Spates/dp/1484156064/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1367756447&sr=1-1&keywords=PASTOR+LARRY+SPATES